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    Commercial Auto Insurance Insights

    Commercial Auto Insurance For Business Vehicles

    There’s nothing like having your own business. The freedom to come and go as you please and to know you are living the American dream. However, every business owner knows just how important the right commercial auto insurance policy is.

    Without this unique insurance, the risk of loss is too great. Coffer Insurance Services, located in Anaheim, works together with you to make sure that you have a customized policy that adequately meets your commercial auto insurance needs.

    Do I Need Orange County Commercial Auto Insurance?

    Certain businesses need more commercial auto protection than others. Obviously, those businesses that rent vehicles or use vehicles to help perform their business will need greater coverage than a business that is stationary. Businesses and industries that need commercial vehicle insurance include:

    • Contractors — All types of contractors use trucks, vans, and cars.
    • Delivery drivers
    • Sales representative — Any sales rep will need to have adequate commercial auto insurance because of the amount of traveling they do.
    • Self-employed — This may be necessary for those who need to travel to meetings or other business engagements.
    • Real estate agents — These individuals travel to show and list homes.
    • Car rental business

    As you can see, just about every business has some type of need for commercial auto insurance.

    What Is Covered With Orange County Commercial Auto Insurance?

    Similar to regular auto insurance, your commercial vehicles will be covered in the event of damages to either the vehicles, employees, or others. Some of the items that coverage includes are:

    • Property damage
    • Collision damage to your vehicle
    • Collision damage to other vehicles
    • Personal injury to you, your employees, or others involved in the accident
    • Rental coverage during the time your vehicle is getting repaired
    • Other costs due to the accident

    Other Commercial Auto Fleet Coverage

    Aside from the basic commercial auto insurance, you may want to consider additional coverage such as the following:

    • Coverage in the event that the other party is under-insured or uninsured
    • Personal injury protection (PIP) and medical payments coverage will provide help if you or your passenger(s) are injured in an accident. It does more than that, though. It also takes care of lost wages, if needed.
    • Roadside assistance will include towing and other emergency assistance in case of an accident.

    Driving safely can help keep your commercial auto insurance rates down. It’s always best to get a few quotes before making your decision. Make sure the quotes are for the exact same coverage.


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