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Coffer Insurance is one of the leading insurance service providers in Orange County. We help business owners create policies to protect their businesses and themselves. We know that businesses like yours have unique and specific insurance needs, which is why we provide everything you are looking for in a commercial insurance agency – low rates, excellent service, financial stability and customized coverage.

What Does Orange County Small Business Insurance Cover?

When your insurance agent writes your policy for you, it will contain coverage for all of your business needs. This includes not only the office property, but also vehicles, tools, equipment, and liability too.

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property is probably one of the more important aspects coverage for which business owners need to plan. Depending on how much property you have, your insurance coordinator can go over the amount of coverage you would want.

Property insurance coverage will include protection against damage resulting from:

  • Fire, Theft
  • Floods, Hurricane & Earthquake