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Auto Dealer Bond Types

For over 20 years, Coffer Services has specialized in providing motor vehicle dealer bonds. We strive to offer dealers the lowest prices possible and provide the best customer service.

To obtain a California auto dealer license, the California DMV requires motor vehicle dealer bonds (50K or 10K). Additionally, to keep your dealer license active, you must renew your bond annually.

Most Common Orange County Auto Dealer Bonds

Retail Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond

All retail dealers must purchase a $50,000 Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond. Even wholesale dealers working with 25 or more vehicles per year need a $50,000 Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond, regardless of having a Wholesale-Only license.

Wholesale-Only Dealer Bond

Wholesale-Only dealers working with under 25 vehicles per year are required to have a $10,000 Bond. Please note that rates are based on the applicant’s credit score, and premiums may vary.

We also offer the following Orange County auto dealership bonds:

  • $25,000 Registration Service Bond
  • $5,000 Vehicle Verifier Bond
  • Defective Title Bonds (Car Title Bond)
  • $50,000 Commercial Requester Account Bond