Orange County Workers Compensation Insurance

Protect Your Business Affordably Against Employee Work-Related Illnesses & Injuries

Workers Compensation Insurance Insights

If any business owner has employees working for them, they should obtain Workers’ compensation insurance to offer coverage against employee work-related illnesses, or work-related injuries.

Specifically, workers’ compensation insurance is a no-fault, state-mandated insurance structure that provides benefits to employees who received injuries or an illness on the job.

California requires every business with employees in the OC to carry Orange County workers compensation insurance. Not surprisingly, businesses may be liable for fines and civil penalties if they fail to carry the insurance. Furthermore, possibly be subjected to paying the cost of injuries sustained by their personnel.

By having workers compensation insurance for your company, you will receive benefits from medical care and wages loss coverage. Most importantly, with the guarantee that employees will not sue your organization for injury or illness during work.