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    When you live in Orange County driving is challenging. Coffer Insurance Services is a top OC auto insurance provider offering the winning combination. Specifically, we offer the best auto insurance rates and the best coverage.

    We understand the need for quality Orange County auto insurance and shop several carriers to get you the best rates. Our professional insurance specialists work with you to understand your unique situation and needs. We make sure you are covered. Furthermore, we ensure you do not purchase too much insurance.

    We have been providing auto insurance in Orange County and all of California since 1986. To speak with an agent and get your free auto insurance quote, please contact us today.


    What Influences the Cost of Orange County Auto Insurance?

    The price you pay for auto insurance depends on several things such as:

    • Your age
    • Where you live
    • How many miles you drive on average a year
    • What kind of vehicle you are getting insured
    • What type of driving record you have
    • If you’ve ever had an accident

    There is also an Orange County auto insurance discount for safe driving practices such as using a seatbelt. Also, there is a discount if you bundle your policy with other types of insurance.

    Who is the Insured Party in an Accident?

    The insured person includes not only the owner of the vehicle but also family members that reside with the owner. In addition, those who have permission to drive the vehicle are also insured.

    Orange County residents must have their vehicle insured. California allows drivers and motorists to fulfill the financial obligation in the event of an accident in one of three ways:

    • Self-insurance — This method involves paying a thirty-five thousand dollar deposit for each vehicle in order to be self-insured.
    • Bond insurance — This particular method is similar to self-insurance except you purchase a thirty-five thousand dollar bond.
    • Orange County Auto Insurance — This is the route most drivers take. You pay a monthly auto insurance premium for a particular amount of coverage.

    What are the Parts of Orange County Auto Insurance?

    When you are ready to save on auto insurance, contact our Orange County auto insurance specialist for the exact coverage amount and specifications for you:

    • Comprehensive coverage — This includes damage from something other than a collision. Usually, this is damage to the windshield from a rock or damage from hitting a deer.
    • Collision coverage
    • Medical payments for personal injuries
    • Property damage
    • Under-insured or uninsured coverage
    • Liability for bodily injury to someone else

    For more information about our amazing rates on Orange County auto insurance or to get a free consultation, contact us today!


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    How to Save Money on Orange County Auto Insurance

    Orange County Auto Insurance
    Coffer is an independent insurance agency that shops A-rated major carriers. Shopping for the best rates for you is our passion.

    Auto insurance pricing is determined by multiple factors including time. Safe drivers risk decreases every year. However, most people don’t review their insurance policy every year, they simply put it on auto-pay and forget about it. Unfortunately, auto insurance isn’t getting any cheaper.

    In 2022, the average driver will spend an astonishing $1,550 on Orange County auto insurance. That being said, you don’t need to accept high rates from insurance companies.

    There are many solutions and scenarios that deliver lower premiums. It’s important to work with an independent agency so they can find you the best price. An independent agent will work for you and not their Brand. Let’s look at ways to save on your auto premiums.

    1. Change How You Pay
    Orange County Auto Insurance

    Companies are happy when you make their job a little easier for them. One of the easiest ways you can do that is to change how (and when) you pay for your insurance. They reward you with lower premiums.

    Here are a few easy changes to save you money on premiums:

    Pay In Full: Instead of sending premium payments each month, you might want to think about paying for your insurance in full once a year or every six months. It’s cheaper to get off a monthly payment plan since it costs the insurance company more to process your payments every single month.

    Automatic Payments: Some insurance companies will give you a discount for setting up automatic Orange County insurance payments. Additionally, you get discounts for going paperless. Auto pay helps you avoid missing payments. Furthermore, it gives you one less piece of mail to go through.

    2. Increase Your Deductible

    Perhaps the easiest way to lower your insurance premiums is by raising the deductibles on your policies.

    Your deductible is simply the amount you’d pay out of pocket before your insurance kicks in. The lower your deductible is, the more risk your insurance company accepts to insure you. They charge you higher premiums for that extra risk. If you are a good driver and you have money in the bank, you can afford to take on more of that risk yourself by raising your deductible.

    Raising your deductible by a few hundred dollars can make a huge difference. For example, by raising your Orange County auto insurance deductible from $500 to $1,000, you could save over 10% on your premiums. Specifically, if you’re paying $1,500 each year on car insurance and raise your deductible from $500 to $1,000, you could end up saving at least $200 every single year.

    3. Bundle Your Policies

    Do you own a car, boat and a home? Insurance companies will reward you with lower premiums just for keeping multiple policies under the same roof. If you can’t find better Orange County auto insurance rates with another insurance company, bundle your policies together. This is a quick way to save up to 20% off your insurance bill.

    Additionally, if your family has two or three cars in the driveway, you earn a multi-vehicle discount by having them all covered under the same policy.

    4. Take Advantage of Discounts

    Are you a college student? Did you serve in the Military? Have you never been in an accident? There’s a discount out there for you! There are potentially several discounts you qualify for. You just have to see what’s available.

    5. Eliminate Coverage You Don’t Need

    Having the right amount insurance in place is crucial to your financial plan. Most importantly, you should understand what is required, nice to have, and coverage you don’t need.

    6. Consider Driving an Older, Reliable Vehicle

    Many people get caught up in all the new car gadgets and amenities. However, they don’t take into consideration the cost to insure a new car. New cars are more expensive to repair and replace. Specifically, that means it costs more to insure them too.

    Data suggest that you would save over 15% on Orange County auto insurance if you bought a five-year-old vehicle instead of the brand-new car. Keep this in mind when you’re looking for a new ride.

    7. Work with an Independent Insurance Agent

    If you are like most people you don’t shop around for insurance. Why is that? Interestingly, we shop around for everything else. However, when it comes to insurance we just don’t want to deal with the paperwork or the time. Surprisingly, one-third of Americans with homeowner’s or car insurance have never shopped for better coverage.

    Working with an independent insurance agent makes saving money easy. We shop your Orange County auto insurance to find the right coverage at the best price. If you have questions about Orange County auto insurance, please do not hesitate to talk to one of our experienced agents. Our goal is to save you time and money.