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    Auto Insurance in California

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    Whether you live in Los Angeles, Orange County or Riverside County, the traffic can be challenging. Coffer Insurance Agency, located in Anaheim is the top Auto Insurance Agency in Southern California .  We understand the need for quality auto insurance and shop several carriers to get you the best rates on your auto insurance. Our professional insurance specialists work with you to make sure you are covered. We have been servicing customers in Anaheim and all of California since 1986. To speak with an agent, please call (714) 237-0000.

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    What factors influence the cost of auto insurance?

    The price you pay for auto insurance depends on several things such as:

    • Your age
    • Where you live
    • How many miles you drive on average a year
    • What kind of vehicle you are getting insured
    • What type of driving record you have
    • If you’ve ever had an accident

    There is also a discount for safe driving practices such as using a seatbelt and often there is a discount if you bundle your policy with homeowners insurance or renters insurance.

    Who is the insured party in an accident?

    The insured person includes not only the owner of the vehicle but also family members that reside with the owner as well as those who have permission to drive the vehicle.

    Three ways to prove financial responsibility for auto damages

    The state of California allows motorists to fulfill the financial obligation in the event of an accident in one of three ways:

    • Self-insurance — This method involves paying a thirty-five thousand dollar deposit for each vehicle in order to be self-insured.
    • Bond insurance — This particular method is similar to self-insurance except you purchase a thirty-five thousand dollar bond.
    • Insurance — This is the route most motorists take. You pay a monthly premium for a particular amount of coverage.

    What are the different parts of auto insurance?

    Auto insurance can include coverage for up to six things. Talk to your insurance specialist for the exact coverage amount and specifications:

    • Comprehensive coverage — This includes damage from something other than a collision. Usually, this is damage to the windshield from a rock or damage from hitting a deer.
    • Collision coverage
    • Medical payments for personal injuries
    • Property damage
    • Under-insured or uninsured coverage
    • Liability for bodily injury to someone else

    For more information about auto insurance or to start a free quote, contact your Coffer Insurance agent today!  Please call (714) 237-0000.

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